Pretzels Straight from the Factory to Your Mouth

Pretzel Factory Pretzels

The Pretzel Factory. Don’t let the name fool you, this place is PURE South Philly. Nestled in the Italian Market just two blocks from Pat’s and Geno’s, this is my number one DO NOT MISS stop on any visit to Philadelphia. The Factory opens at midnight to begin supplying vendors. What those poor slobs who buy them from the store are missing out on are the fresh-baked piping hot jawns (there I said it) that come to you right out of the oven for the amazing price of four for a dollar! This is especially amazing when you consider that you are buying the absolute best pretzel experience of your entire life. It’s pure magic. You’ll never buy them from a store ever again.

There’s also a huge jug of spicy mustard on tap and small cups of cheese and caramel, which you can buy for 75-cents so you can mix it up, but most people seem to just like them plain.

A late-night hangout in Philly is not complete without a visit to the Factory. Just remember that Saturday night is technically Sunday morning and that’s when they’re closed.

The Pretzel Factory
816 Washington Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19147



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  1. being born and raised in south philly hot pretzels was what we had for breakfast if you want a real philly pretzel you have to get a center city pretzel

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