Two Street: Maximum Mummers Fun for Late-Risers

If you’re like me and have no desire to wake up before 5 p.m. on New Year’s Day, but still have that urge to strut to the Mummers, don’t worry, it can be done. 2nd Street in South Philly, or “Two Street” as Philadelphians call it, is where the unofficial parade after party occurs. Plain and simple, it’s wild.

Sure the parade down Broad Street and the Fancy Brigade performances at the PA Convention Center are both great, but Two Street is where the Mummers really let loose. After all, the judging is usually finished by the time the Mummers make their way here.

Many of the Mummers’s clubhouses are located on Two Street and most people gather there after the Broad Street parade around 7 or 8 p.m. Two Streeters are still treated to performances by some of the string bands, fancies, fancy brigades and comics. A good corner to watch the mayhem is at 2nd and Mifflin Streets. If you go, prepare to see many a beer can and have a good time.

Don’t know a Mummer from a strutting ostrich? Try here or here.

Two Street: Maximum Mummers Fun for Late-Risers

When:Saturday, December 31



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