Buying Fashion, Locally.

blades.jpgCarbon footprints, green buildings, buy local, buy organic, save the polar bears”¦ lately, saving the environment seems a bit overwhelming, no? Well, head to Old City tonight for an affordable, easy, fashion-y way to contribute to sustainable living and to our local economy.

Blades Construction Company’s “Sustainably Chic Bags” are the clever and charming way to replace the loads of plastic bags you waste when shopping. Philly’s Jessa Blades designs one-of-a kind string tote bags, hand-embellished with vintage pieces, handmade artisan buttons, and trims from all over the world. Not only do her totes have looks””they have brawn as well, carting up to 40 lbs.

Tonight, Blades joins three other creative locals for a designer show at 213 New Street in Old City from 7:30-10:30 pm.

There’s Rita Whitted, whose custom handbags are “west coast beach” meets “life in the city.” If you miss tonight’s gig, you can pick up her bags at Hello World.

Also in attendance, Drexel fashion student Ashley Rose, who mixes “glamour and the natural world” for her jewelry.

And if you are feeling a little preppy but don’t want to lose your edge, snap up a tie from the third local, Prep & Pauper, a Philly-based neckwear company where country club mingles with punk rock.

And all summer long, your new accessories can remind you how smart you are for buying locally.

Designer Show
213 New Street, Philadelphia, PA
(267) 760-3156

Blades Construction Company

Rita Whitted

Prep & Pauper



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  1. I love the phrase “carbon footprint.” And I am always looking for a way to offset mine.

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