Room Service, uwishunu-Style

The Uwishunu Room at the Westin Hotel in Philadelphia

As you may know, uwishunu has been working with more than 20 Philly artists and designers on what we call our Hip Hotel Makeover. After weeks of hard work, I’m pleased to announce that the uwishunu room at the Westin Philadelphia hotel is fully made over and ready for guests! The room debuted last night to rave reviews, and it was amazing to see the creativity and talent of all those Philly artisans brought together in one place. Nearly every aspect of the room is unique–from the drawer pulls to the shower curtain to the lamps.

Special thanks to Errin Cecil-Smith, who championed the project, and design team leaders R.J. Thornburg and Eileen Tognini, who pushed and pulled all the little pieces together into a work of art. Of course, we hope you’ll call the Westin Philadelphia and book the room for you and your special someone, but in the meantime, here are a few pictures to give you a taste of the hotel room Philly built.

Opening Reception at the Philadelphia Westin

Guests take in the room at Thursday’s opening.

Opening Reception at the Philadelphia Westin

Lead designer R.J. Thornburg takes a moment to savor his creation.

Opening Reception at the Philadelphia Westin

Photographer Jason Smith clowns around with lead designer/curator Eileen Tognini.

Opening Reception at the Philadelphia Westin

Bronze hands created by artist Greg Nangle hold soaps from Philly’s Duross & Langel.

The Westin Philadelphia
99 S. 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Photos by J. Smith for uwishunu.

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  1. The bronze hands realy are an inspired element of the design. What a nice result you’ve achieved. One would think it was a chic London boutique hotel. The interiors remind me of one of Raphael’s room at the Medici Palace in Florence. Gorgeous!

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