Frank Rizzo Mural


Post submitted by Chad Brown

Plastered majestically on the wall of a parking lot, smack dab in the middle of Philadelphia’s famous Italian Market, is Frank Rizzo. The former mayor and fixture was rendered in 1995 by respected artist and educator Diane Keller and seems to float above his stronghold with hunger in his eyes. A popular place for speeches and purposeful gatherings, rumor has it of a sentry who will brush up the mural anytime some enterprising tagger gives it a bit of the odd spray can. Don’t even think about it.

Frank Rizzo Mural
9th and Montrose, NW corner, Philadelphia, PA


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  1. whenever I bike by that mural, I swear that the eyes are moving. And one hand is reaching for the billy club.

    I must admit, I do say, “Yo Frank” whenever I pass. I like this tribute much more than the odd one on the stairs of the municipal building across from City Hall.

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