First Person Arts: Slam Winner Ingrid Wiese

Yesterday, First Person Arts hosted another Story Slam with the theme “Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection.” Watch the video and listen as the winner, Ingrid Wiese, tells her story. Congrats Ingrid, we’ll see you at the grand slam!

Interested in competing in the First Person Arts story slam? Each month brings a different theme. Next month’s theme is The Road Not Taken. Visit their official website for information on how to sign up!

First Person Arts


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  1. Great viedo! Being able to watch the performance really helps me see where I need to improve. Thank you for taking the time to make a video and thank you for all the live blogging! So glad you are tracking all the cool things going on in Philly!!

  2. I think this was the best blog posting so far. Important message here. I can’t believe she didn’t even need to read off paper! Wow.

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