Artist Profile: The Classic

The power of music to motivate has always been one of its primary uses, from the protest songs of the “Ëœ60s, “Ëœ70s and “Ëœ00s to the noble efforts of LiveAid and Live8 to pretty much the entire discography of Barry White (don’t even try to tell me “It’s ecstasy when you lay down beside me” doesn’t have an ulterior motive.)

For Philly-based rock unit the Classic, however, the power to motivate is more than just a habit “” it’s a responsibility. In fact, the band takes their responsibility so seriously that they decided to change names “” from the well-liked Polymer to the new, focused the Classic.

According to guitarist Matt Fonda, the new name represents “a matured embodiment of our old self”¦Musically, we want to go further with our sound, establishing a deeper emotional connection with our audience. Beyond the music, we want to challenge ourselves to reach out to the community that motivates and grows with us.”

It’s a small change, but an admirable one. As Polymer, the band was already known for its catchy high-energy rock songs, which raised questions AND eyebrows. “What if the world would end today? What is tomorrow never came”¦are you ready?” taunts lead singer Ben Weldon on the single “Are You Ready.” Action and reaction are common themes, from the rousing chorus of “Night on Fire” to the cry of “Come on, your city’s calling” (“Your Noise: A Philly Anthem.”)

As the Classic, the band hopes to take their cause one step further, with benefits and charity concerts, such as their June 28th fundraiser for Philabundance. We’ll certainly be looking for them in the coming months “” we can’t say no to a little Classic entertainment!


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