Money Matters: The Economy & Ulysses @ The Rosenbach

Bloomsday at the Rosenbach (next Monday!)

James Joyce’s famous novel Ulysses is based on The Odyssey – anyone who’s taken an English course in college (or read the Wikipedia page) can tell you that.

But Joyce had another major inspiration and technique he used to drive the plot forward – money. It’s this element of the novel that The Rosenbach Museum and Gallery will focus on in the exhibit “Money Matters” from June 9th through June 28th.

The exhibit, curated by Penn scholar Dr. Laura Heffernan, features portions of Joyce’s original manuscript and will examine the role money saved, earned, spent and borrowed plays in Joyce’s novel, and the economic conditions in Dublin at the beginning of the 20th century.

The exhibit is just one piece of The Rosenbach’s big to-do over the yearly celebration of the novel and “Bloomsday” – June 16th, the day Ulysses’ main character, Leopold Bloom, stumbles through his native city of Dublin.

The exhibit and museum entrance is free on June 16th as part of the Bloomsday outdoor festival at The Rosenbach. Throughout the rest of its run, entrance to the exhibit is included with admission to the museum. Either way, it’s definitely worth wandering by for a look.

Money Matters
June 9th through June 28th

The Rosenbach Museum and Library
2008-2010 Delancy Place, Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 732 1600


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