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October 29, 2009

Phillies Fever: There’s Nothing Cheesy About Being a Superfan

Jenn Lukas, her Phanatic brie and her shameless plea for World Series tickets.

Jenn Lukas, her Phanatic brie and a shameless plea for World Series tickets.
(All photos supplied by J. Lukas)

Another day, another Superfan!

Is there something about the Phillies that makes us hungry? Or is Philadelphia just a foodie’s city? As with yesterday’s Superfan, Superfan #3 — the very enthusiastic Jenn Lukas — pledged her Phillies allegiance through food. Jenn writes:

If there are two things I am known for, it’s 1) having cheese parties and 2) hollering the word “Baseball!” The cheese parties are a family tradition, but the whole exclaiming-noun thing is another story.

I’ve found that the excitement of the Phillies — being in Citizens Bank Park, the calming tradition of the game, the warm fuzzy feeling that watching Ryan Howard at bat brings, everything — can only be accurately described by throwing up your arms and celebrating the combination of it all and from the pit of your stomach shouting: “BASEBALL!!”

This year, I’ve decided to combine my love of Baseball and the Phillies with the other tradition in my life that brings warm, fuzzy, excitement (and sometimes calming feelings, too): Cheese. So I carved the Phanatic out of a wheel of Brie and invited some other die-hard cheese and Phils fans over to enjoy game 1 of the 2009 World Series (and some cheese) with me.  The results were super rad all around.

Jenn and friends enjoy cheese and the Phils in equal measure.

Jenn and friends enjoy cheese and the Phils in equal measure.

Jenn, your passion, great attitude and cheese artistry have landed you in the Superfan Elite. Congratulations! And…can we have some?

Superfans, make your case for Phillies phanaticism heard!

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