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May 19, 2010

Burger Bar @ Gallo’s in Mayfair

I know my Mayfair hood isn’t exactly the center of Philly’s culinary universe, so I like to spread the word when there’s something to brag about, and boy, do I have something to brag about: the Burger Bar at Gallo’s.

That’s right, Gallo’s, the see-and-be-seen seafood spot for the Northeast’s silver-haired set, opened an adjoining restaurant that’s all about Philly’s “it” food: the burger. This bright, modern spot, complete with candy-apple red bar stools, exposed brick walls, an industrial ceiling and an under-construction patio, couldn’t look more different than its nautically themed sister restaurant. It’s clear that the Galloway family is looking to attract a younger crowd with this hip three-week-old endeavor—and attract them they will just as soon as word gets about the sleek look, spiked shakes, local beer selections, easy-on-the-wallet prices and those gloriously juicy burgers.

On my recent Burger Bar visit, we skipped the appetizers and headed straight for the main attraction: a burger with gruyere cheese, bacon and crispy onion strings for me and a double beef, double cheese, bacon and fried egg number known as the 5-Napkin special for my husband. Made with house-ground certified angus chuck, the burgers were juicy, melty, messy delights. And the heaping plates of garlic parmesan waffle fries and house-cut onion rings made for the perfect crispy accompaniment to our indulgent meal.

We’ll be back again soon, real soon, and next time I’m pretty sure we won’t be the only patrons getting our burgers on. Brace yourselves, Galloway family, because the crowds they are a comin’!

Curious about the menu? I’ve got it pasted after the jump.

Gallo’s Seafood
8101 Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19152-3013
(215) 333-0484

Menu Photo by Jason Guiliano

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Helcha says:

ummm – that’s really RHAWNHURST – not Mayfair…. fyi

if you wanted to use my picture of the menu you could have just asked me for it.

just out of curiosity , how did you find my food blog?

Eric Smith says:

Ah! Apologies Jay, I assumed it was a stock pic from the restaurant. I’ll add a credit. :)

thanks for the did
you find my blog? could you post a link on your site for it

Eric Smith says:

Google! :-) And you are linked, both images link back to your site.

Cathy says:

Sorry, people! I’ve lived in the Northeast for several years now. Still working on getting the boundaries right.

Mr. Samsonite says:

I like Pabst Blur ribbon, someone should probably get that type-o fixed. mmmmh burrgers

Seems this post is getting a lot of attention! Check out this response:

We’re just glad people love their neighborhoods so much!

Jim says:

It’s about time someone in the NE did something different. I think we have enough Irish Bars with Red Bull specials. Does anyone know when the patio will be ready?

the patio should be opened within 10 days I was told.

Kate says:

That actually is Mayfair. Not Rhawnhurt. It’s near Rhawn STREET, but it’s Mayfair.

A definite go-to in the Northeast (and trust me, there isn’t that many). Beside the amazing burgers, they have a happy hour M-F 4pm-6pm, featuring .35 wings, dollar oysters and .50 crab balls, plus $2 PBRs.
It’s misleading to say this place is in Mayfair – it’s just off of Pennypack circle, which is most definitely Rhawnhurst.

joe gilmore says:

it is not rhawnhurst either burger bar is on the east side of blvd.