Other Nature @ Bahdeebahdu

Pieces from Other Nature, a New Exhibit @ Bahdeebahdu

Other Nature, a fantastic new exhibit at bahdeebahdu, features stunning works made from found objects… aka, trash.

The show is the brainchild of RJ Thornburg, co-owner of bahadeebahdu, interior designer and admitted clean freak, who became obsessed with tidying up detritus found near his country house. In all the piles of junk he collected, RJ saw an opportunity to craft works of art.

He’s clearly got a fondness for rusted objects — paint cans, nails, cooking pots — where various stages of deterioration create intriguing patterns. Now hermetically sealed in Plexiglas containers, these items are elevated to elegant beauty.

RJ invited eight kindred spirits to display their wares as well. Robert Larsen creates meticulous quilt-like canvasses from discarded Marlboro cigarette packs while Kent Latimer’s provocative works are fashioned from items popular in the African-American community — his “Fear of a Black Planet” is built with a bunch of Afro hair picks.

A Porcelain Piece by Lauren Herzak-Bauman

A few artists use raw materials to make things that look like they were used by humans and then left somewhere. Lauren Herzak-Bauman’s porcelain pieces, which look like used envelopes and stacks of paper, are marvelous.

The show fits snugly into bahdeebahdu’s usual fare, the spectacular light sculptures by Warren Muller are made from, you guessed it. Found objects.

Other Nature run through June 3rd, 2010

1522 N. American Street. Philadelphia, PA 19122
(215) 627-5002


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