Secrets Of The Silk Road International Exhibition Arrives At The Penn Museum For Its Only East Coast Stop, February 5

Update: Secrets of the Silk Road has been modified, and will open with the artifacts and mummies from China for a limited time only, from February 18 to March 15. From March 17-28, the exhibition will continue with all the artifacts but without the two mummies.

The Penn Museum is hosting Secrets of the Silk Road February 5th to June 5th in the international exhibit tour’s only East Coast stop.

The Silk Road was the trade route that for centuries connected Eastern and Western civilizations. From roughly 200 years before the birth of Jesus to about 1400 AD, traders carried vast amounts of silk and other merchandise such as spices, gold, precious metals, ivory, glass, exotic animals, furs, ceramics, jade, iron and plants between East and West. The Secrets of the Silk Road exhibition will give attendees a palpable sense of the Road’s glory and importance.

Among the most intriguing objects in the exhibition are two completely preserved mummies: an infant wrapped in a blue bonnet and burgundy woolen shroud nearly 2,000 years ago, and the nearly 4,000-year-old “Beauty of Xiaohe” woman.

Other artifacts include well-preserved clothing, textiles, wooden and bone tools, gem-encrusted gold vessels, masks, jewelry, and even preserved foods, such as wontons and flower-shaped desserts.

Stay tuned for more information on exhibit-related events!

Museum tickets are available online.

Secrets of the Silk Road
When: Now-March 28
Where: Penn Museum, 3620 South Street
Cost: Adults $22.50, Seniors (65+)/Military $18.50, Children (6-17)/Students $16.50
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