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March 29, 2011

SAVEUR Crowns Philadelphia The Best Sandwich City In America

The just-released April issue of the national haute cuisine magazine SAVEUR features Philadelphia as the crowning jewel in its issue dedicated to sandwiches, giving Philadelphia and our wonderful sandwiches a beautiful, four-page spread.

The magazine proclaims Philadelphia the “Sandwich City,” declaring: “There’s no better place for lunch on a roll than Philly.”

Inside the four-page double-spread feature, which includes 11 must-visit hoagie shops in the city, an article entitled “Philly Tastes” traces the history of sandwiches here, beginning in the 1800s when Italian immigrant workers carried sandwiches to factories and docksides for lunch.

And then a local, modern-day machinery warehouse worker Albert John Andrews, brother to a SAVEUR editor, outlines his top 11 authentic, mouth-wateringly delicious sandwich shops here, which include: Chickie’s Italian Deli, Chink’s Steaks, DiNic’s, Greenman’s Delicatessen, J&G Lunchmeat Villa, Jim’s Steaks, John’s Roast Pork, Johnny’s Hots, Lenny’s Italian Deli, McNally’s Tavern and Shank’s Original Uptown.

If you haven’t dined at any of the above, you should probably do so immediately. You can start by devouring a McNally’s Schmitter (photographed specifically in the magazine) or a roast pork sandwich at Tony Luke’s, both available at Citizens Bank Park, which officially reopens this Friday!

SAVEUR [Official Site]

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Sarah says:

How could they forget Paesanos?!

Andy says:

Paesano’s is taking off with their audacious mix of ingredients. Still miles away from such traditionalists as Chink’s and Chickie’s, but worth a mention. Mama’s is also a must munch. Crack the crust.

we have a good sandwhich shop on every corner from a hoagie to a roast pork we have it all. c mon people lets save tastycake.

Linda says:

Let’s save Tastycake? Please say Tastycake isn’t going out of business. I live in California now and I miss Tastycake.

gil says:

Jims??? Where the heck is Sarcone? What about Steve’s Prince of Steaks?

justin says:

They also missed Sarcones and

albert j. andrews says:

I have been to all the above and they are all worthy of praise. The theme of the story was my favorite places, not a comprehensive primer of the many fine shops in our fair city. Steve’s and Dalessandros are often visited when in their respective neighborhoods. Lately I make it a point to stop into Paesanos whenever I’m anywhere near Girard Ave.

timbo says:

Wow, no Sarcones, no Primo’s Hoagies (whaat!?!). I can’t believe they didn’t mention Cacia’s bread at all.

no scarcones , tony lukes,primos,steves steaks,dalesandros,ye old ale house lafayette hill nicks roast beef .thank god tastcakes just got bought out.dietz and watson beef hot dogs.

jill says:

anyone looking for primo’s or sarcone’s on this list clearly needs to start looking for a clue! being born & raised in south philly I would NEVER eat at any of these tourists traps. all are overpriced and not very good.