Video Interlude: Tina Fey And Questlove Share A “Hoagie Of Forgiveness” On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Last night, two Philly-bred stars had an awesome reconciliation of sorts on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, when Tina Fey and Questlove shared a bite from the proverbial “hoagie of forgiveness.”

Tina Fey was a guest on the show, and right away some “beef,” so to speak, had to be cleared up: Fallon brought up an incident involving Questlove of The Roots (The Roots are the house band for Late Night) and his recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, where he said that Fey “should be nice to The Roots.”

Questlove apparently felt she didn’t give the band enough acknowledgement last time she was on the show, and Quest felt they should reaffirm their hometown bond. (He hinted at his feelings by leading the band in “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” as Tina walked on stage.)

Tina, for her part, didn’t realize she gave them the brush-off (and Quest acknowledged that it was just a misunderstanding).

Tina proposed that the two bite from the “traditional” Hoagie of Forgiveness.

And so they did. Watch the video above for proof.

It’s great to see two local icons bury the hatchet in such a uniquely Philadelphia manner. Yay hoagies!

‘Late Night’: Tina Fey and Questlove Bite the Hoagie of Forgiveness [Xfinity]


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  1. There better have not been any mayo on that hoagie. The roll looked pretty authentic, but it’s hard to really tell.

  2. Nothing wrong with mayo on a hoagie. Oil is preferred, mayo is also acceptable. It’s mustard, IMO, that is a definite no-no. I also oppose ketchup on a cheesesteak, but that may just be my personal preference.

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