Exciting News: Anthony Bourdain Is In Town Right Now Filming An Upcoming Philadelphia Episode Of His Show The Layover – Huzzah!

Awesome: Anthony Bourdain is actually in town right now filming an episode of the upcoming second season of his show The Layover. Among the places Bourdain has visited today include Di Bruno Bros., Paesano's, The Mutter Museum, and the new Barnes Foundation, who shared this photo of the production on their Facebook page. (Photo courtesy The Barnes Foundation)

At long last, it’s finally happening… Anthony Bourdain is in Philadelphia — today! — to film an upcoming episode of one his travel shows.

Naturally, we’re pretty excited.

You see, we first told you about Bourdain’s professed desire to shoot a show in Philadelphia last November and then again this March, when Bourdain went on the record saying he wants to do a show here in Philadelphia.

And now we’re very happy to report that it looks like he’s made good on his word. Bourdain is in town today — right now actually — shooting a Philadelphia episode for the upcoming second (and reportedly last) season of his show The Layover, which profiles what a traveler can do in a city in 24 to 48 hours.

So far he’s been spotted at a variety of Philadelphia attractions including The Barnes Foundation, Di Bruno Bros. and Paesano’s in the Italian Market, Mutter Museum and more.

Where he heads to tonight for dinner and beyond is anybody’s guess, but we have a feeling he’ll probably be hanging out with Marc Vetri at some point along the way.

Speaking of which, last time we posted about Bourdain, you all had some great suggestions for where he should visit when he was in Philadelphia. Check out the comments on our last Bourdain post to take a look, and feel free to tweet him with ideas.

After all, we did

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