Percy Street Barbecue Named The #1 Place In America For Craft Beer In Cans

In addition to boasting some of the best barbecue around, Percy Street can now lay claim to the title of the best canned beer list in the entire country. (Photo courtesy Percy Street Barbecue)

Drinking beer in cans is a thing these days. And we’re not really talking about Miller Lite. We’re talking about the fact that many of America’s best craft breweries are choosing to package their beer in cans instead of (or in addition to) bottles these days and the results can be seen at bars across Philadelphia.

While the draft list is important, what was formerly the bottle list is increasingly becoming a bottle/can list (or an all-out can list) and it’s getting a good amount of attention from bar managers. You can see this in action at newer places like Morgan’s Pier and American Sardine Bar as well as places that have been around for a bit longer like Pope and Sidecar.

But perhaps it is nowhere more evident than at Percy Street Barbecue, which has a craft beer list of more than 100 varieties in cans. A canned beer list so impressive, in fact, that the authority on the subject,, just released their ranking of the 15 best places in the country to go to enjoy a craft canned beer and Percy Street Barbecue was ranked #1. So congratulations to Percy Street on a well deserved honor. Next time you visit, be sure to raise your can to toast the achievement.

Also, note that two other local Philadelphia bars made the list: Memphis Taproom came in at #15 and Bar in Midtown Village came in at #10. Congrats to them as well.

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