Standard Tap’s Annual Sausage Fest Returns Friday, September 21 Through Thursday, September 27

It’s the wurst of times at Standard Tap with the return of Sausage Fest, a week-long celebration of delicious sausages and tasty Oktoberfest beers.

The festival kicks off this Friday, September 21, and goes until the following Thursday, September 27.

There’s a special sausage-centric menu available, in addition to the regular Standard Tap bill of fare. Everything on the sausage menu is priced right, with plates ranging from $5-$8.

Plus, they’ll be tapping local Oktoberfest brews to wash down all that meat.

Think Sly Fox’s Oktoberfest and Victory’s Festbier.

For more on Oktoberfest in Philadelphia, reference our roundup.

Check out the full Sausage Fest menu, below.

Standard Tap Sausage Fest
When: Friday, September 21-Thursday, September 27
Where: 901 N. 2nd Street
Cost: Pay as you go
More info:

Linguisa – Portuguese garlic sausage soup 8.

Scotch Egg – deep-fried, chorizo-wrapped hard-boiled egg served with bacon onion butter 5.

Boerewors – a South African beef & pork farmer sausage served with jalapeno & corn pudding 8.

Lamb Kofta –skewered lamb sausage with tabouli salad & garlic yogurt 8.

4 Alarm Sausage Tostada – a spicy pork & habanero pepper sausage served on a blue corn tortilla
with black beans, lettuce, salsa verde & sour cream 6.

Cherry Bombs – Sausage & cheese-stuffed pickled cherry peppers, breaded and deep-fried 5.

Smoked “Mixed Bag” Jalapeno & Cheddar Sausage – made from elk, venison, wild boar antelope &
pork. Wrapped in sweet custard toast and served with maple syrup 8.

Weenies, Bacon & Beans 6.

Venison Bratwurst – with bacon & onion spaetzle 8.

Chinese Sausage Salad – served with crispy noodles, almonds, oranges and a chili soy dressing 7.

Liverwurst Plate – traditional & hausmacher (“house-made”, coarsely chopped) liverwursts served
with rye, onion, mustard & apples 5.

Sausage & Cheese Rolls – served with tomato sauce 7.

Jamaican Meat Pie 7.

Chinese Sausage Moo Shu – served with Chinese crepes 7.

Sausage Skewer – variety of grilled skewered sausages 8.

Mushroom & Sausage Tart 9.

Grilled Beef Sausage – with horseradish & onions 6.

Sausage on a Stick “kitchen choice” of sausage on a stick grilled and served with mustard 5.

Beer Meat Plate – a veritable sausage party, it’s a plate filled with all of your favorite smoked meats 8.



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