Continental Old City Presents “Local Spirit Month” This November

Upon its opening almost two decades ago, Stephen Starr’s Continental Old City strove to be considered the martini bar in Philadelphia.

Their way of giving a heads up to the city that they’ve still got it: an entire month of celebrating local spirits, and serving them on the cheap.

This November is “Local Spirit Month” at Continental Old City. Any drink made with liquor from Philadelphia Distilling, Art in the Age and Cooper Spirits will be just $4 until December 1.

Philadelphia Distilling is responsible for the crafting of local favorites like Bluecoat Gin, xxx Shine (un-aged corn whiskey) and, appropriately paying homage to its motherland’s founder, Penn 1681 Rye Vodka.

Art in the Age will help you get out of the box of traditional cocktails with its Root, Snap, Rhuby and Sage liqueurs. The unique flavors mix simply with some club soda if you’re looking for a no-frills taste of what this clever distilling company has to offer, but ask your server for other fun recommendations.

Get a little bit more fancy with Cooper Spirits’ St. Germain (an Elderflower liqueur), Creme Yvette (a delicious after-dinner digestif) or the Slow&Low (98-proof straight rye whiskey).

An awesome promotion at an awesome restaurant.

Check out the full cocktail list, below.

Local Spirit Month
When: November 2012
Where: Continental Old City, 138 Market Street
Cost: $4 per local spirit
More info:

Slow and Low Cocktail: We’re intrigued by the sweet and sassy combo that is the Slow and Low. Rock candy and honey & citrus peel might scare off the less than sweet-tooths — until you add in the part about the aged Pennsylvania Rye, that is. Give it a dash of club and you’ve got a pretty creative sparkling concoction.

The Ginger: House-made ginger is at the root of the originality of this clever cocktail. Mix that with some SNAP liqueur and Bluecoat gin, some fresh lemon and candied ginger and your taste buds might be pleasantly surprised about where they’re being taken.

Fresh Rosemary Gimlet: Take your pick of three other Philadelphia distilled liquors to mix with St. Germain: Bluecoat Gin, Penn 1681 vodka or SAGE. Fresh lime and rosemary make this an awesomely refreshing taste of Philly flavor no matter what mix you choose.

Philly Vesper: Made with both Bluecoat gin and Penn 1681 vodka, this is what one calls a “strong drink.” But add the sweetness of Lillet and fresh oranges and you have a strong and fruity Philadelphia take on the classic Vesper.

Xhenong Tea: Iced tea goes to a whole new level when Art in the Age’s RHUBARB tea gets mixed up with some black tea, honey and Chinese 5-spice.

Snap Toddy: The classic hot toddy with whiskey and hot tea gets spiced up with some Art in the Age SNAP.

Sage Julep: Mint juleps are a classic favorite for a reason, but even the old-school julep drinkers will have to modernize their ways and try this awesome new twist made with Art in the Age’s SAGE liqueur, bourbon and fresh mint.

White Whiskey Sour: XXX Shine corn whiskey might sound like an intimidating drink for some, but with enticing mixers like fresh lime, fresh orange and agave with a ROOT float, bets are on that folks will be daring to take a taste.

Aviatrix: The combination of Bluecoat gin, Creme Yvette and fresh lemon makes for a new wave version of the Creme De Violette cocktail known as the Aviation. With some Philadelphia Distilling gin in the mix, Aviatrix plays a smooth little trick on the taste buds.

The Continental: Continental Old City’s take on the classic martini is made with Penn 1681 vodka, dry vermouth and a lemon-stuffed olive.

The Cooper Cocktail: Made with Cooper Spirit’s Creme Yvette, St. Germain and some sparkling wine, this cocktail is straight-up sweet and bubbly.

The Elder Shandy: The standard hefeweizen Shandy gets kicked up a notch with some pink grapefruit, St. Germain and your choice of Bluecoat gin or Penn 1681 vodka.


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