Italy’s Spellbound Dance Company Makes Its Philadelphia Debut At The Annenberg Center, November 15-17

The striking and exquisite style of Italian dance company Spellbound will intoxicate you. (Photo by Sergei Urzhumtsev courtesy Spellbound Dance Company)

Spellbound Dance Company has charmed audiences all over the world and now it’s ready to take on the U.S. in its first North American tour.

One of the stops is Philadelphia’s Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, Thursday, November 15 through Saturday, November 17.

Both powerful and sleek, this Italian-based company’s dancers have been compared to finely tuned Ferraris. For their first spin in the city they present two 40-minute works that handily showcase exquisite technical prowess as well as an intense musicality; the two pieces are done to a range of music that includes Bach, modern jazz and ambient electronica.

This is certainly an exciting event for fans of contemporary choreography who also appreciate the romanticism of ballet. Spellbound has a unique vocabulary of expression that’s rooted in poetic and emotive bodies creating shifting geometries through space. Of special note is the way they do pas de deux, which are performed in a 21st century aesthetic that’s also wrought with the beauty and intricacy of classical ballet.

The show presents a special opportunity to catch an exquisite European company, and who knows when they’ll come our way again? Catch ’em while you can.

Tickets are available online.

Spellbound Dance Company at the Annenberg Center
When: Thursday, November 15 through Saturday November 17
Where: 3680 Walnut Street
Cost: $25-$55
More info:



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