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November 5, 2012

Video Interlude: 60 Minutes Takes Author And Historian David McCullough On A Founding Fathers Tour Of Philadelphia Just In Time For The Presidential Election November 6

On last night’s episode of 60 Minutes, in the hours before Election Day 2012, historian and award-winning author David McCullough reflected on America’s past, including our founding fathers’ campaign tactics, with a special historical tour of Philadelphia.

Interviewed by Morley Safer, McCullough discusses the pivotal role Philadelphia played in the founding of our nation. This is, after all, the city where, as the segment puts it, “the first fires of the American Revolution were fanned.”

The segment captures the pair visiting Carpenters’ Hall, where delegates from the thirteen colonies met for the first time in 1774 to air their grievances against British rule; Ben Franklin’s lending library — the country’s first; City Tavern, where they’re served by Chef Walter Staib; and, of course, Independence Hall.

Watch the video above for a dose of Philadelphia history from one of the world’s greatest historians, and also to find out whether or not McCullough believes the ghosts of our forefathers still roam the streets of Philadelphia.

You can read the full script online.

Journey through history with David McCullough [CBS News]

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