Adventure Aquarium Welcomes The New Turtles: Journey of Survival Exhibition, January 14-March 24

Turtles: Journey of Survival features turtles of all types, including many rare and at-risk species. (Photo courtesy Adventure Aquarium)

An exciting new exhibit is coming to the Adventure Aquarium. An in-depth exhibit, Turtles: Journey of Survival will be at the aquarium from January 14-March 24. The exhibit will dive into the world and survival of turtles and tortoises.

It will explore their survival over millions and millions of years – outliving dinosaurs and natural disasters. Attendees will get an exclusive look at land and aquatic turtles ranging in size from a turtle no bigger than a postage stamp, to a massive turtle weighing in at 450 pounds. This exhibit will house the most turtles that have ever been at the Adventure Aquarium at once – there will be more than 20 turtles at the exhibit.

Guests will learn how to help conserve vulnerable species of turtles through live shows and special appearances.

The Adventure Aquarium has paired up with the Wetlands Institute of Stone Harbor, New Jersey to help raise money and awareness for the Northern Diamondback Terrapins, a local turtle species that is at risk. Guests will also learn about other at-risk turtle species.

Be sure to check out the two newest additions to the Adventure Aquarium; two recently rescued Loggerhead Sea turtles.

Guests will also learn about the more peculiar habits of certain species of turtles. Learn which turtle emits a high-pitched screech to scare away predators and why the Painted Wood turtle dances for its food.

This family-friendly exhibit is great for adults and children alike. Get a firsthand look at the survival of turtles while learning how to help ensure they stick around for another 200 million years.

Turtles: Journey of Survival at Adventure Aquarium
When: January 14-March 24
Where: Adventure Aquarium, 1 Riverside Drive, Camden
Cost: Adults $24.95, Children $17.95
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