The Wilma Theater Season Closes With Obie Award-Winner Robert O’Hara’s Sassy Play Bootycandy, May 15-June 16

Phillip James Brannon, Ross Beschler and Lance Coadie Williams in Robert O'Hara's sassy play Bootycandy at The Wilma Theater. (Photo by Alexander Iziliaev)

In an alternate universe where Willy Wonka serves up chocolate eroticism and sugared sensuality, it might not be difficult to imagine the perennial Gobstopper replaced by a treat called “Bootycandy.”

While it may not be hitting real-world snack shelves any time soon, Bootycandy will titillate your theatrical taste-buds as The Wilma Theater’s season closer, running May 15-June 16.

The play (and the title) sketch out scenarios loosely based on writer and director Robert O’Hara’s experiences growing up gay and African-American.

It’s sex-ed class given the vaudeville treatment, where characters jump from preaching at the church pulpit to digging up romance on the beaches of a deserted island.

Tickets for the month-long run are available online, but you can extend the experience with several post-show chats and a Tria wine tasting.

When: May 15-June 16
Where: The Wilma Theater, 265 S. Broad Street
Cost: $19.50-$39
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