U.S. Census Survey: New Yorkers Move to Philadelphia More Than Any Other Big City in the U.S.

(Chart via the Washington Post)
Plotted along the left side: where people are moving from; along the top side: where they are moving to. (Chart via the Washington Post)

Check this out. Today The Washington Post’s Wonkblog published some quick analysis of the American Community Survey data released by the United States Census Bureau, which looked at migration patterns between the ten largest metropolitan areas in the United States over five years between 2009 and 2013.

The results are plotted out in the above chart. Plotted along the left side are the cities where people are moving from and along the top side are cities where people are moving to.

More specifically, in the first column on the left, you can see which cities send the most new residents to New York. In the first row on the top, you can see to which cities New York sends the most new residents.

And it would appear that Philadelphia and New York have what they call a “special relationship.”

27,000 new residents from New York City move to Philadelphia every year.

Philadelphia is the U.S. city that sends the most new residents to New York, sending 19,000 people a year to New York. And conversely, Philadelphia is the city to which New York sends the most new residents, sending Philly approximately 27,000 new residents every year.

That’s pretty impressive. As the article notes:

“In any given year, about 8.5 million people move from one metropolitan area to another within the United States — from the Washington, D.C., region up to New York, or from New York to Philadelphia and farther away. […] These moves are where the metro bragging rights lie.

It’s true. These moves are where the the metro bragging rights lie. And it turns out the City of Brotherly Love is attracting a lot of New Yorkers to move here. Which is awesome.

But it’s not like we’re completely surprised. Here at Uwishunu, we’ve been spreading the love about Philadelphia as an amazing place to live and visit for as long as we can remember…

It’s great to see so many people agree.


A simple illustration of how Americans move between the 10 biggest metro areas [Wonkblog / Washington Post]


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