A Sandwich That’s Heart-Stoppingly Good

The SchmitterThere is this bar at the top of Chestnut Hill–McNally’s Tavern–that makes a sandwich that probably should be served with a side order of defibrillator paddles. But it is so good you’ll be smiling all the way to your cardiac bypass.

Named for a customer who kept suggesting different and admittedly unusual ingredients, the Schmitter starts out as your basic cheesesteak on a Kaiser roll, but gets amped up with grilled onions, tomato and (I can barely say this with a straight face) grilled salami and McNally’s special secret sauce. Wipe that look off your face. It really is as outrageously good as it is outrageously fattening. But for those days when you don’t care that you’re just one pigout away from your fat jeans, it decadently hits the spot.

McNally’s is a casual family pub and it’s not unusual to see Mom, Dad and a couple of rugrats scrunched in at the tables near the bar. But you’ll have to look hard to find the place. There is no sign outside. Just a tasteful brass plaque–it is Chestnut Hill after all–on the green door.

Mcnally’s Tavern
8634 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19118




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  1. I think they even serve The Schmitter at Citizens Bank Park. It’s my New Year’s resolution to try that bad boy out!

  2. They do indeed serve the Schmitter at the ballpark. It’s great, of course, better than most ballpark food of any kind, anywhere. But to consume Schmitters at the source … they’re just so much better there. You’ll hear angels sing. (Could be the sandwich. Could be cardiac arrest. Either way …) Anyhow, try it out at the restaurant. They also serve the best turkey chili you’ll ever eat. No ground turkey, either. Huge, tender, spicy chunks of white-meat turkey. Angels again!

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