Bonnets, Beards and Breakfast

By far, one of the biggest allures of the Reading Terminal Market is getting see the Pennsylvania Dutch. Few things bring me greater joy than seeing a behatted Mennonite youth working at the Market, loving Christ and selling whoopee pies. I am always truly moved by these simple people and their delicious pastries and apple butters. The very best Pennsylvania Dutch business in the Market is the Dutch Eating Place. It’s a small, countertop only breakfast-and-lunch joint, so if you show up with a group of three or more, you’ll definitely have a wait for three stools to open up together. However, things always move quickly, and it’s worth the wait to get some of the cheapest breakfast in the city. Five dollars will get you eggs, hashbrowns, coffee, and juice, plus you can sit inches from real Pennsylvania Dutch folks and ponder the meaning of your complicated, materialistic existence.

Reading Terminal Market
12th and Arch
Philadelphia, PA 19107


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