Thurs. Art Pick: Boringbot at Conspiracy Showroom


The ladies Morris, Bennett and Breeden at Conspiracy Showroom are celebrating their two-month birthday today. They’re marking the occasion by opening their doors from 6-9 p.m. for the first time as a “gallery,” in that “we’re still a store, but we are also featuring some art now too” way. This time, the lucky creative classer on display is none other than S.D. Bonsky (AKA “Boringbot“), a criminally under-appreciated West Philly character with a lot of oil paint and even more bills to pay.

Bonsky’s subject matter is still the same–big washed-out pastel skies, little hyper-detailed characters transfixed in crushing, fading moments on empty, infinite plains–but this latest collection holds a marked and pleasant increase in those usual painstaking details, as well as a more labor-intensive, slow approach to producing textures. And with so much texture in these paintings, that means more lush, complete pieces than I’ve seen from him before. Bonsky’s art is priced to sell and this is his best batch yet. Stop by, check it out, and congratulate the Conspiracy gals as they blow out their 1/6th of a candle.

Conspiracy Showroom
910 N 2nd St.
Philadelphia PA, 19123

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