Libations Night Club

The dramatically narrow, dark staircase at the top of Philadelphia restaurant Upstairs At Varalli, reveals that the underground scene has emerged. Located at Broad and Locust, it is a light at the end of the tunnel for Black and Latino lesbians looking for an underground scene. This upstairs hideaway is the ultimate girls for girls’ night scene. Not your typical underground finding above a Northern Italian restaurant. Known as Libations, it is a local change from popular LGBT night spots. The night club is also an alternative scene for hip-hop and R&B lovers. This club mixes up the local Philadelphia LGBT scene and puts a definite twist on Philadelphia night life.

Libations is an experience of real underground Philadelphia nightlife. The life that many thought only existed in cities like New York, D.C and Atlanta. The club blends the intimacy of a small 21 plus venue with the atmosphere of a dance heavy mega-club. The walls sweat in hip-hop and R&B rhythms that keep the crowd moving and when it dies down to a simple two-step, female bar tenders serve up the best, only to rejuvenate the crowd who always finds its way back to its dance floor.

So yeah, it is definitely not an ambiance for the mild with a cultural scene that exudes of modishly chic women and flair. This Friday and Saturday night hang-out has a sound and a style that calls for you to roll out of the house in only the best and latest attire. A style that creates a fashion playground that can range from diva avant garde to edgy androgynous. Let’s just say that with its pulsating realm and indulgence for eye catching ladies, Libations night club keeps its girls fully aroused.

1345 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA 19107


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  1. i have a question, i have a group that would like to attend your club…. first of all, what time does it open? and are men alowed to go there. theres a group of us that would like to go and its both men and women.

  2. The club opens at 10:00 p.m.

    On your second question, it is not preferred for men but there are occassions and exceptions depending on the group.

    Hope to see you there!!! And Happy Safe New Year!!

  3. Well this is my first time going to a lesbian club I wanted to know how much it is to enter and just how much money would be reasonable to bring for drinks and whatever

  4. i am not out of thhe closet yet. so will it be private? and is it alot of people trying to hit on others ?

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