Cheese, Bees and Mead, Oh My


Wine, cheese and beer make me happy, which is why you can find me at the original Tria (18th & Sansom) several times a month. But after this week’s trip to the new Tria (12th & Spruce) I have another fermented beverage to try: the mead.

What the heck is mead? you might ask. I’m not exactly sure, really, but I think it involves blossoms, beekeeping, fermentation and high alcohol content (12%). That’s why Tria serves their Makana Iqhilika African Herbal Blossom Mead in bitty 3 oz glasses. Authentic mead’s only been allowed in the US for a few months, and our Tria had the Pennsylvania debut of the stuff.

If you’ve been to either Tria, you know they categorize their cheeses and beverages under descriptive headings: luscious, invigorating, friendly, profound, etc. Well, the mead is under “extreme,” and extreme it is. It’s a bit medicinal, a bit”¦ not tart, but”¦ oh I don’t know. I can’t describe it. Pony up $7.50 and taste for yourself.

(New!) Tria
12 & Spruce, Philadelphia, PA


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  1. Ooh mead. I like mead, although I guess I’ve never had authentic mead… unless maybe it was illegal mead. Who knows? But I do know a couple friends that’ll be happy to go taste-test with me.

  2. If you’re not going to research your blog posts, perhaps you should leave the journalism to the professionals.
    I mean, honestly, would 5 minutes googling information on Mead have killed you?

  3. Adam- be nice! Caroline’s post was cute and smart. No mean attacks on philly bloggers, ok? And she is a professional.

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