Get Familiar with Heaps Decent


If you’ve partied even a little in the last few years then you either know or have likely felt the taste-making hand of Wes “Diplo” Gully, Philly’s biggest, busiest party export and head of the new Mad Decent imprint.

Lately Diplo’s new project is Heaps Decent, “a new initiative that intends to seek out young indigenous and underprivileged artists and change Australian club music forever.” This new non-profit is meant to raise awareness of local indigenous musics and to put the means of creation and dissemination into the hands of those who might not otherwise ever be able to get to it. With these tools, guidance from other working artists, and bigwigs like Apple stepping up to sponsor, there’s no telling what wildness Heaps Decent is going to turn out.

The project is already up and running – you can see the early results at its website.

And, just saying, it came from Philly.

Heaps Decent



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