Make Philly: 1st Annual BBQ and Water Rocket Launch Recap


Remember when you were in first grade and your art-teacher gave you a paper plate and some raw pasta and you glued it to the plate to try to make a face? Remember in sixth grade you made like 20 model airplanes because you had nothing better to do and were going through puberty and nobody liked you? Remember in high school when you got your first car and you tried to tweak out the engine with your dad? Remember in college when you joined a rock band and tried to make your own guitar effects pedals to sound all indie and stuff?


If this sounds familiar you might want to check out Make Philly. Some of us still like to do these kinds of things apparently, only now we’re adults and have much better tactile skills, family and friends, and better ideas for ways to entertain each other while making something slightly nerdy though still cool. One example: shooting off home-made water rockets MacGyvered using 2-liter bottles, some PVC pipe, a bicycle pump and a Direct TV satellite dish for a stand, while eating burgers and drinking beer at the same time.

Make Philly is a community of super creative, smart, nerdy, crafty, techies/designers that like to have a good time with really cool Philadelphians and make something in the process. Loosely inspired by O’Reilly Media’s Make Magazine each meeting features a topic of interest and a maker’s challenge, though this BBQ seemed to offer more interest in beer and burgers and the challenge of just getting those bottled concoctions off the ground. Fortunately it wasn?t just about how high they went but having a little summer fun in the process.



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