Jesse Greenberg’s MEGABINX @ Space 1026 Recap

Jesse Greenberg's MEGABINX

Posted by: Brandon Joyce

Bobo’s on 9th opened up a little wormhole onto Jesse Greenberg’s ultraweird and extraterrestrial Megabinx galaxy, this past Friday. My first brush with Megabinx, with its otherworldliness and “body responsive geometries,” led to a religious conversion to the power of plastics; so I was excited to see it again in full bloom.

Greenberg is the only person I know who fully reproduces the numinosity of the childhood toystore experience”” the plastics and drippy materiality, the deep space and science-fictional trappings, the action-figure-sized “touchables” on sale for action-figure prices, and of course! the total awe of the toystore. Megabinx gives me the same sense of lure and trembling I once got from admiring the boxes of spacecraft in the Star Wars aisle. Or better yet, those indecipherable, off-brand toys your uncle got you from the corner market.

Jesse Greenberg's MEGABINX

And Bobo’s really tacked it all down at the edges for a seamless, immersive environment… Eerie music. Black plasticized floors. Sci-fi lighting! I saw two of the bobos, Phil Coty and Nick Payne, sitting behind an elevated desk in the corner, inches from the ceiling, sporting sunglasses and tattered nametags. As I squatted down on the floor with Drew Gillespie, the third bobo/gallerist, he explained to me his daring philosophy of the Ultraweird.

“I think it’s important to be really weird! . and really unsettling””” two things that the bobos always manage to pull off, beautifully and unpredictably, right in the heart of the Italian market. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that no one pulls it off as well. Which is great: the world has enough boutiques.

Bobo’s on 9th
1134 South 9th St, Philadelphia, PA.

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