Saint Honore Bakery

Saint Honore Bakery

Trying to stretch that almighty dollar?

How about trying a BBQ pork bun or snacking on a curry chicken roll for only $.60 cents. This is the hidden world of Chinese Bakeries, lucky for Philadelphia; Chinatown has one physically on every corner. They always open before 7am so you can drop in before work or class but unfortunately they close early in the evening. It’s a delectable alternative to the usual greasy bacon, egg and cheese sandwich from the corner cart. Nothing that gives a great morning aroma will cost you more than $.90 cents and the choices are only limited by the dozens.

Saint Honore on 935 Race has been my absolute favorite! They have the best egg tart pastry in all of Chinatown and also sport a great variety of bubble teas. Forget the doughnuts and grab a dozen of these pastries for the next office meeting. Your office mates will be so thrilled; they’ll declare you cubical King for the day.

Saint Honore Bakery
935 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 925-5298

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