Spend Halloween with Henri David

Halloween coins itself as the most unique jewelry store in the world. I’m no jewelry connoisseur, but I buy it. The décor is gothic and grand and the jewelry cases gleam in front of you and from above. It would take hours to look at all the glittering delights that transport you to other times and places. Local jewelry collector and maker, Henri David named his store such after his favorite holiday. When you call you will be greeted with “trick or treat”, and you will know you have the right place. He is currently preparing for his 39th “Halloween The Ball”, which he started in 1968 because he was tired of not having a place to go where Halloween costumes were appreciated. He created a party where like-minded Halloween enthusiasts can convene to parade and compete for best costumes in different categories.

Even at his busiest time of year, Henri David was gracious enough to answer a few questions for me. One of his most successful Halloween costumes (and he dons at least 3 for each year’s ball- at least!) found him atop a 15-foot high blow up pumpkin, upon which he was the spider in striped purple stockings and high heels. I cannot fathom this completely, but as a fellow Halloween dedicatee and costume lover, I sure am intrigued. There are usually 3000 people in attendance at the ball, and those who are not in costume are allowed but will pay $60 instead of $25. Don’t be afraid, he understands that not everybody will be atop a 15 foot pumpkin- a wig, a funny t-shirt, will suffice as a costume, just something to show that you are in the spirit of the holiday.

The first piece of jewelry he ever acquired was a little antique ring in the 1960’s, he found it and fell in love with it. He learned to make jewelry as an apprentice here in Philly, where he fixed antique jewelry. He is thankful that he had the opportunity to learn his trade in a hands-on environment, where he learned to deal with customers and the reality of things going wrong. One of the most interesting places he goes for jewelry is Thailand. He loves the people and seeing everything being done by hand, and even children learning the trade at a young age. He has traded secrets with jewelry makers in India, yet doesn’t have a favorite piece of jewelry that he has made because it constantly changes with each piece that he customizes for his clientele.

“Halloween” boasts no storefront, and has no website, so look closely for the card in the window because it is well worth finding, and be sure to inquire about “Halloween The Ball” which will be held at the Sheraton City Center Hotel on Halloween (the holiday) at 9pm.

“Halloween” (the store)
1329 Pine Street
Tuesday-Friday 12-6, Sat 11-4, and by appt.
(215) 732-7711

“Halloween The Ball”
October 31 9pm- costume contest and parade at midnight
Sheraton City Center Hotel- 16th and Race St.
Call store for more info.


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