No-Carrier at UArts: Nintendo Art Gallery

No-Carrier at UArts: Nintendo Art Gallery

Yes, you heard me. Nintendo art.

Don Miller, also known as No-Carrier, uses original 8-bit Nintendo consoles and specially programmed game cartridges to create colorful visuals. He develops the software himself, and his art installations are frequently used for chiptune (see the wiki) and video game events.

His gallery at the University of the Arts opens Friday, February 29th, and runs for a few weeks. The opening reception, which is free, will feature live music by Nullsleep, a major chiptune performer from New York City, and head of 8bitpeoples. Visit those respective Myspaces for some of the most unique dance music you’ve ever heard… all done in 8-bit gaming goodness.

No Carrier Gallery Opening @ UArts
Friday February 29th @ 8:30pm

University of the Arts, Multimedia Gallery 1201
211 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA


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