West Oak Lane Music and Arts Festival: The Abstract Truth

I love jazz that makes you radiate warmth, that is interesting, engaging, and present, that despite its pomp seems natural and organic, that makes your toes tap and your head nod and your lips curl up in a smile.

Simply put, I love good jazz. And I can think of no better way to spend a relaxing Friday evening than by taking in the sweet sounds of the Abstract Truth, a Philadelphia-based jazz fusion band that is all of the above and more.

Led by acclaimed local musician and bass guitarist G. Lawrence Francis, the Abstract Truth plays tribute (in name and in sound!) to both the 1961 Oliver Nelson record, The Blues and the Abstract Truth, and the early “Ëœ90s Philly big band act with the same name. Jazz’s long and vivid history is important to the band, whose sound effortlessly combines smooth jazz, Caribbean, funk, gospel and blues.

Throughout the years, the Abstract Truth have run up quite a resume, having toured, recorded or shared the stage with artists as diverse as George Clinton, Justin Timberlake, Jazzy Jeff and the Stylistics. Yet throughout their success, they’ve never lost sight of their goal: creating hot jams and sweet tunes that have audiences dancing in the streets. If only all Truth was this accessible!

The Abstract Truth at the West Oak Lane Music and Arts Festival, Friday, June 20
7100 “” 7400 blocks of Ogontz Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19138


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