Craftadelphia: Photo Recap


We went to be tempted, amused and, yes, amazed. If you need a reason to go to the next installment of Craftadelphia, go to find a really cool birthday present for a friend, lover, spouse, sibling, neighbor. As a thank you for a coworker. Hell, just go and find something awesome and treat yourself. You deserve it!

Lots of the folks showing here also sell their wares on the Etsy site. I went with wife and kids and all of us seemed thrilled with different things. Being a good audience at a craft show means you came to support the arts and buy a little sumpthin’. We left with a pair of great earrings for the missus, but we also experienced the work of a slew of Philadelphians whose art and craft we’d never seen before.

Personal fave… Ang Davidson’s crocheted monsters. “Oh, I think I’ll just sit down in this comfy chair and crochet a scary monster.” The thought just never occurred to me, but the world is a brighter place that it occurred to her!


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