Just Opened: Pumpkin Market

Post by Kelly White

Even produce markets are all a-Twitter these days. The latest, Pumpkin Market, is no exception. If you’re ever wondering what new fruits and veggies and other Philly-grown fixings are in store, they’ll be tweeting about it. That’s Pumpkin BYOB’s Ian Moroney and Hillary Bor, who got so fed up with buying their ingredients from out-of-the-way sources that they decided to open a market directly across the street. All of the items in the store–raw milk, cheese, meat, fruit & veg–come from within 150 miles, and most directly from the Fair Food Farmstand.

Your favorite products, like fudge from Betty’s Tasty Buttons, or coffee beans and granola from Joe Coffee, sit side-by-side with nature’s own delicacies. For Moroney, it’s not just about jumping on the locavore bandwagon, as he admits that closer food just tastes fresher. If you live in the Graduate Hospital area, it’s almost like having a farm in your backyard. When you run out of eggs or bread, Pumpkin’s got you covered with excellent quality offerings that haven’t been waiting on a grocery shelf for weeks. If they run out of eggs or bread, don’t worry. Their Twitter will let you know before you leave the house.

Pumpkin Market
1610 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19143
(215) 545-3924



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