The Pope: Pub On Passyunk East

Known to neighbors simply as the POPE, the Pub On Passyunk East is the ultimate neighborhood bar. And Passyunk Square is a neighborhood where every bar and restaurant is vying for that title. So how does the Pope win the crown over such highly lauded corner bars as the Royal Tavern and The Dive? There are a lot of factors. Location is a big one.

While the Dive and the Royal are located on Passyunk headed north, serving as the entrance to Bella Vista, the Pope is all for Deep South Philly. Sitting at a convergence of Passyunk Ave and Dickenson St, the triangular block is bustling every night with neighbors and newbies alike. When you hit up a South Philly bar, expect more than a few tattoos on your server, and don’t be surprised by a little attitude. You can almost guarantee a good, comprehensive jukebox (18 plays for a five spot) and a decent-to-delectable beer selection. But if your server isn’t personable and knowledgeable, you are in the wrong bar.

The Pope has the beer selection and the taste experience to back it up. Chalked up on the back wall by the dartboard, the selection of new brews and interesting, rare favorites. And if you are worried about a selection, they are quick to bring you a sample. Even at a table of many, the servers take time to joke with you, shoot the shit for a minute before running””and on a Saturday night, I truly mean running””to get the next round. But the most important part of summer nights at the Pope is (drumroll please) they have outdoor seating; a huge plus if you have ever tried to muddle through a sweaty crowd of barflies to get that last round.

So before the summer ends, you should have yourself a religious experience with the Pope.

The Pope
1501 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147


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  1. I haven’t lived in Philly in years but grew up in that neighborhood and my family still lives a few blocks away. It is great to hear that place is doing well. I loved it when it was Big Raplh’s. I think the motto was “Cous does all the cooking.” What a great place! My grandmother used to take me there when she didn’t feel like cooking. I had my first beer in a bar at that place.

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