Martin’s Meats in Reading Terminal Market

When I worked in Center City, I used to wade through the infuriating, slow moving groups of tourists and jurors at Reading Terminal to shop for groceries. Most of the produce stands differ little in selection from the grocery store, things are just cheaper. But the meats at the Terminal are the real deal, and the best sausages in the whole market (world?) are at Martin’s.

Pork, chicken and lamb full of garlic, rabe and pepper. Sausages for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As far as I know, they make them there. But, as Otto von Bismarck so astutely said, “to retain respect for sausages and laws, one must not watch them in the making.” So even if you’re tempted, don’t ask.

For hours, visit their page on the Reading Terminal Market website.

Reading Terminal Market
12th & Arch, Philadelphia, PA 19107


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  1. The place to get produce, especially during the summer months, is the Fair Food Farmstand – local, organic produce, lots of good stuff. Less selection in the winter, to be sure.

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