Philadelphia Haiku Teacups? Sold!

Christmas is almost here and there is no escaping it. You can hear the holiday music playing in every store you walk into. In an attempt to avoid the commercialism of the holiday, I find myself buying more and more handmade gifts. Etsy is a prime location for such presents, and there happens to be an absolute wealth of Philadelphia crafters out there who have cute little online shops. My pal Alexis, who also blogs here on Uwishunu, happens to be one of them.

Head on over to Alexis’ Etsy shop to scope out her handwritten haiku tea cups. Each cup features an original haiku poem written by Alexis, touching on subjects like love, tea, and of course, Philadelphia. She even caters to custom orders.

I can’t wait to see more of her Philly poems. Visit her shop on Etsy, and tell her Eric sent you. Cause I want a discount on my next order. For reals.

Alexis Siemons’ My Teacups Store


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  1. I’m so excited to see Alexis’ tea cups highlighted! She is so talented and has such unique ideas, it’s great to see that they are being shared with the Philly community!

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