Philly Aids Thrift

I remember the first time I went to Philly Aids Thrift (PAT) over two years ago: I bought a brown leather belt and a t-shirt that says “The Head Nut” and features a cartoon of a giant walnut. I also got a little overwhelmed because the seemingly small store houses a surprisingly wealth of used goods, cast-offs and buried gems. I can always find something at Aids Thrift, whether on the main floor or in “PAT’s Super Bargain Aerie” second floor. The funky music makes it easy to bop around while you look for deals–sometimes they even have deejays play in the front window.

Last time I was there I almost bought a coat rack made of deer hooves. Somehow I was able to convince myself that this was not a necessary purchase, but I was tempted. Aside from the regular used goods turnover, Aids Thrift opened a furniture annex across the street this year (last I checked, they are only open on weekends) and allegedly they not only have furniture, but also a hoard of pet carriers. My dog chewed through hers, so I might have to go grab a new (read: used) one.

Whether or not you’re a thrifter too, you should check out PAT and bring donations. They also accept credit cards, issue gift cards and take on volunteers.

Philadelphia Aids Thrift
514 Bainbridge St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 922-3186



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  1. I bring all my donations here and sometimes give them some pretty good stuff I just don’t have any need for anymore. Best is their write your own receipt policy, because you know that weird hoof rack thing may only resell for $5 but to you (and the IRS) it was worth at least $25.

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