CJ’s Steak & Eggs

There are a lot of really great cheese steak places here in Philly. Well here’s another, but with a twist if you’d like. CJ’s Steak & Eggs in Tacony makes a killer steak and egg sandwich. Deceptively simple, but superb. Four simple grilled ingredients, steak, egg, onions, and cheese very cleanly served up on a fresh roll make for a really tasty early (they open at 5am) or late (available all day) breakfast. On Saturday nights they stay open late, so it can also make for a great late night snack after a fun night out.

CJ’s is nothing fancy, but it is clean and functional. You order at the counter, grab a beverage, then grab a seat in a booth. Pay on your way out.

CJ’s is located on the left hand side of Cottman Ave. at State Road, immediately as you come off the Cottman Ave. exit of I-95 North. If you are coming south on 95, the easiest way is to turn right onto Bleigh at the exit, then turn left onto State Road at the traffic light. Cottman Ave will be one light down on your left, cross Cottman and turn into their parking lot.

A 12″ steak with egg, cheese and onions and a 20oz soda are a little under $8. Maybe if you eat oatmeal all week, your cardiologist will let you have one on the weekend.

CJ’s Steak N Eggs
5000 Cottman Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19135
(215) 333-5300


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  1. If I were you I wouldn’t be using that Photo to try to draw people in to eat there. Half of the roll is empty with no egg on it and the other half only has a little bit of egg on it. I wouldn’t come in and eat there after looking at that photo.

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