Jim’s Steaks: One of the Best Late Night Eats in America

Photos by B. Krist for GPTMC

Since moving to Philadelphia two years ago, I’ve discovered that I’m officially “that guy” for my friends and family back home in New Jersey. I’m in charge of all the important stuff. Taking everyone to see the traditional historic sites, showing my friends where the best breweries are, and of course, taking the family to grab cheesesteaks.

My personal favorite, Jim’s Steaks over on South St, was voted one of the best late night eats in America by Details. The lines there are always long, and often stretch around the corner down 4th street, but you know what… it is always worth the wait. You can head over to Details’ website to read the post, which includes several other establishments across the country.

Late Night Eats @ Style

Jim’s Steaks
400 South St, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 928-1911


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  1. Have you tried Campo’s Deli on Market? Also VERY good. Plus, can call ahead and just walk in and pick up steaks. Good menu for those difficult non-cheesesteak people, too. Give it a shot. Go whiz!

  2. Yeah, or Sonny’s right down the street from Campo’s. Both aren’t really late night options, but they are far more delicious… I hate going into Jim’s, because even if you just say, accompany a friend, and don’t eat there, you still reek of cheesesteak.
    Also, they’re not that good, I always viewed it as a tourist place.

  3. Actually Jim’s is one of the best! Tourist go there because they get told its the best by people who are born and raised in Philly who knows what a good cheese steak is. While those who are from Philly normally go to the high priced not as good cheese steak place such as Geno’s and Pat’s, the papi store around my way make better cheeses steaks than them.

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