Soiree in the City: A New Kind of Bridal Show

A low key, fun, free bridal show. Is that even possible? Apparently, the answer is yes.

When people share wedding tales, I often hear horror stories about stress and costs, about caterers, photogs, dress shopping, etc. I must say, my wife organized the most fabulous wedding I’ve ever been to, and she did it on a shockingly thin budget, though you’d never know we didn’t spend a fortune. It’s a shame that all the fun she had putting it together isn’t the norm these days.

Weddings are a big, big industry, and for those of you who’ve ever been to the cattle call of a typical ‘bridal show,’ you can feel overwhelmed, dismayed, freaked out and even a little angry. Old City photographer Laura Eaton has rebelled against the yawnsville flow and put together something simpler, fun, groovy and girly. An event where you can have a little drink or two, resulting in some serious giggles.

Soiree in the City will be held at her studio on January 17th, will be absolutely free, and will feature a handful of wedding specific specialists and vendors who will share who they are and what they do in an atmosphere that is meant to foster the good time that all aspects of a wedding should be. Damn if that don’t sound outright revolutionary!

This is a deliberately small affair, and an RSVP is necessary to attend. Pay a visit to the official website for more information on how to sign up and attend. Enjoy!

Soiree In The City

Laura Eaton Photography


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  1. how about unbridaled expo being held at the crane art bldg this Sat from 10-4…uswishunu was a sponsor of the event last year. it is truly a different type of wedding show, not backed by any of the big name traditional wedding magazines.

  2. Back to back alternative bridal events… how cool is that? Maybe next year I’ll be writing about a whole series of January ALT WEDDING SHOWS and, hopefully, brides-to-be will flock to Philly from all over the Mid Atlantic to take part!

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