Alex’s Lemonade Stand @ Marriott Thirteen

As the post-recession summer begins here in Philadelphia, memories harken back to a simpler time when you could hand-write a cardboard sign, attach it to a card table and make enough money stirring yellow sugar-water to keep you in baseball cards and ice cream for the next month. That’s what Alex Scott did 9 years ago. But while her friends were off saving for a new Tamagatchi (those were popular in 2000, right?) Alex had bigger plans.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand grew into a multi-million dollar charity, raising money for childhood cancer. Having raised over $25 million so far, the simplest charity keeps on rolling this summer, with a collaboration with Marriott Thirteen, the swanky bar and restaurant at 1201 Market Street.

When you have had the success that Alex’s Lemonade Stand has had, you leave the wobbly fold up in your mom’s garage. You also leave the Country Time to the amateurs. The culinary experts at Thirteen have prepared some great lemonade recipes to draw in the dehydrated downtowners. And its all for a great cause.

So come support this marvel of American ingenuity as Alex’s Lemonade Stand partners with Philadelphia Marriott Downtown for their fifth annual fund raising stand June 11th-13th, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Last year, this stand raised $3000. This year, the fund raising goal has jumped to $4000. And as 80 degree temperatures are predicted to continue into the weekend, you won’t want to resist. Cool off for a cause, beginning Thursday at 11am.

1201 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106


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  1. hey this is a great thing to do for children.i can`t belive that you have raised so much money!!!!!!! that is great!!!

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