Shopping in Paris @ the Art Museum

“Common creatures, in other cities, dress to live; but in Paris people live to dress.” – Charles Dickens (1867).

We all know how Paris has been inspiring fashion addicts for centuries, but it is fascinating to discover the evolution of the shopping process.

The Shopping in Paris exhibition, showing at the Spain Gallery of the Philadelphia Art Museum until October 25th, pairs, among its nearly 35 garment and accessories, the luxurious designs of leading couturiers such as Charles Worth, Emile Pingat and Paul Poiret with American fashion items inspired by these Parisian designers.

The exhibit also underlines the radical changes in ladies fashion at the corner of the century, evolving from stiff, heavy gowns to light, leg-showing dresses as women were experiencing a newly found independence.

Shopping in Paris French Fashion 1850-1925
Now through October 25, 2009

Philadelphia Museum of Art
2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA”Ž
(215) 235-3200


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