3-D Maps of Independence National Historic Park: 3-D Glasses Not Required

In front the Living History Center on 3rd Street below Chestnut there is a three part 3-D map of Independence National Historic Park. These were built to last. Sitting out in the elements for decades now, they’ve gotten a little faded, but remain in great shape.

Located in front of what was the Park’s then modern (circa 1970’s) Visitors Center, these 3-D maps were designed to give the blind a better understanding of the Park. They were (and still are) pretty neat for sighted people as well. While they didn’t make the cut to be in the new Visitors Center at 6th and Market, these wonderful maps definitely deserve a visit.

Living History Center
3rd and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 629-4026


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  1. And if you wanted to get a real look at what lies beneath our historic sites, step into the Living History Center and watch our archaeologists, clean document and restore mutiple artifacts uncovered from throughout our Square Mile! Your already so close!

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