People Ideas in Motion @ Moore: Bikes & Trikes Family Fun Day

Bicycle: People Ideas in Motion, is a must see exhibit that will get you stoked on the capabilities of your famed two wheeled wonder. Pair this exhibit up with Ryan Humphrey’s Fast Forward, which features beautiful custom made frames and rims, and you’ve got a wonderfully complete experience.

Also highlighted are the amazing efforts of local companies and groups, such as R.E. Load’s custom made bags, Pedal Power’s recycling and hauling, The Neighborhood Bike Work’s programs to get local kids into bikes, and the Kinetic Sculpture Derby’s eclectic races. They are all guarenteed to intrigue you with their work to promote the healthy, environmental, utilitarian, and even stylish perks that lie in the power of the bicycle.

While this exhibit runs through October 13th, on Saturday, July 18th, there’s a one off event in Aviator Park. Family Fun Day. Kids and their families are invited to participate in an afternoon of pedal-powered fun, complete with a bicycle beauty pageant and talent show where you are encouraged to show off your wheels. The Dufala Brothers will be entertaining with their locally famous Toilet Tricycles.

Come check it out!

Family Fun Day in Aviator Park
Saturday, July 18th 12pm-4pm
Aviator Park 20th and The Parkway

Bicycle: People Ideas in Motion
The Galleries at Moore
20th and The Parkway


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