The Bishop White House

One of the lesser known attractions at the Independence National Historic Park is the Bishop White House. Which is a shame because it’s well worth seeing.

In addition to being the Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Pennsylvania around the time of the Revolution, Bishop White was chaplain to the Continental Congress. He was also a very, very rich man. The house has been restored to how it was when the bishop lived here. He was original owner and lived there from 1787 til his death in 1836. Many of the furnishings belonged to the bishop.

Being a rich and powerful man, most of the important people of the time were guests in his house, including George Washington, John Adams, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. One of things I remembered from when I toured it as a kid was the indoor “necessity”, which was very rare. It’s still there.

With 8 levels, it’s a huge house. I guess it had to be; he lived there with his 12 grandchildren.

Entrance to The Bishop White House is by ticketed tour only. Tickets are FREE and are available the Visitors Center at 6th and Market. Tickets are first come, first serve. Tours take approximately one hour and includes the much more modest Todd House, which was the home a middle class family. Two tours for the price of none!

Bishop White House
309 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA


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  1. So although this part of the tour is not open to the public, on the very top floor, you can see the initials of his grandson carved in on the wall. Bishop White gave him a pocket knife as a gift! NICE!!!!!

  2. Here’s some more . The Todd House was the home of John Todd a lawyer who had a beautiful wife named Dolly who would later adopt the name of Madison- wife of James Madison- our 4th President and the father of our Constitution! And be sure to check out the beautiful garden behind their house! You won’t ever find tomatoes there! They were called love apples and considered posionous!

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