Standing Room Only Tickets at Phillies Games: Best “Seats” in the House

The Phillies still have 10 regular season games left; Photos by R. Kennedy

Ah, the economy. There’s no sugar coating it… it’s the worst. However, I have no qualms with taking advantage of the wealth of rock-bottom happy hour drink specials, dining deals galore, crazy sales on clothing and furniture, and of course, Standing Room Only tickets to Phillies games.

Never heard of SRO? It’s actually the best deal and best “seat” in the house. The $18 ticket price gets you prime real estate in Ashburn Alley or another great spot on the 100 Level concourse surrounding the field.

There’s more method to the SRO madness. You’re not confined to your smack-dab-in-the-middle seat, so when you have to use the lieu or grab a drink and a hot dog, you’re free to roam about, sans the hassle of making your whole row get up. It’s especially great between innings and right before the 7th Inning Stretch. Now who’s first in line for beers?

How have I become so well-versed in this Super SRO Secret? A dear friend is a die-hard fan, and a few years ago he showed us the ropes. He’s been to dozens of games, and hasn’t had to dig deep into his pockets during our recent financial fiasco. He’ll probably have my head though, for sharing this classified information, so please, don’t make an SRO run all at once!

How can you get them? You can call, buy them online, but most of the SRO tickets come on sale at 4PM, day of the game, only at the ticket window. Good luck!


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  1. Hey Matt, SRO tickets for Sunday games go on sale at 9 a.m. Pick up some coffee at Wawa and get there bright and early.

  2. how are you doing sro ticket for the world series. what time do they go on sale, can you get them online.

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